Construction-assembly and repair works of administrative office buildings of
  Dzerzhinskogo Street., 35 & Khabarovskaya Street., 56

Since 2007 major and minor repair and construction assembly works were executed in administrative buildings of Sakhalin Energy and on the adjacent territory. Performed works always had engineering support, project documentation and if it was necessary concurred with the Client. The major works executed during this period includes repair of all levels of the administrative building on Khabarovskaya Street., 56, repair of transportation department premises, redesign of the building lobby located on Dzerzhinskogo Street., 35 and reconstruction of the roof structure of the car park the second level adjacent to the south part of the building. Meeting room and the President Office repair works are the morally responsible ones. The Client was completely satisfied with the quality of our works, compliance with the Client’s requirements and HSE standards & recommends us as a reliable partner & potential contractor.

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